ChapterNook Monthly

A Subscription Service for New & Gently Used Books

Discover amazing books each month with zero effort!

Chapter Nook has started a monthly subscription service! Each month we will pick books from our handcrafted selection for you to enjoy. All books will be in New or Like New condition with the occasional vintage copy, which will be no-less than Very Good condition. Boxes will be a mix of Adult & YA, Fiction & Non-Fiction. Your books will sometimes be new or recent titles, and sometimes older or less known titles. Boxes will occasionally include First Editions, Signed Copies, Titles from Local Authors, or Special Editions. All you have to do is choose how many books you would like to receive each month and we will do the rest.

No two boxes the same! Due to the nature of our establishment, we typically do not have multiple copies of a title (but its not unheard of!) While we may try to keep all boxes each month on a theme, it is guaranteed that you’ll never get the same box! Keep your eyes peeled for our random additions of member-only collector bookmarks, hand picked or hand made by our very own Book Worm enthusiasts!

Choose the subscription plan that works for you!

Then pick your preferred pay schedule. You can purchase monthly or 3 & 6 months in advance. Cancel anytime for free!

One Book Option

The Hatchling Box Starting at $10

Three Books Option

The Owlet Box Starting at $15

Five Books Option

The Fledgling Box Starting at $20

Why choose ChapterNook Monthly?

  • Purchasing a subscription box supports not only this small business, but also the ones I get my supplies from
  • Each box is unique so you’ll never get the same box twice
  • Enjoy piece of mind with Eco-friendly & recycled shipping & packing supplies
  • Routinely add new books to your collection with handpicked selections from ours
  • We provide multiple subscription options and flexible pay schedules
  • ChapterNook Monthly gives the gift of surprise and something to look forward to every month
  • Collect First Editions, Signed Copies, Titles from Local Authors, Special Editions, and many more!