About the Author…

ChapterNook is a Book Sanctuary specializing in gently used, recycled, rare, & signed titles, as well as your general collection. I do my best to rescue as many titles as I can, care for them while they’re with me, then find them a new home with a fellow enthusiast. More than anything, I want to connect with readers to spread the joy of books through every nook and cranny of the world. In doing so, ChapterNook has proudly sent books off to dozens of countries all over the world as well as donating to Little Roadside Libraries, right here in my very own community!

But wait, this site offers more than just books! You’ll also find tips on how to care for your tomes, gift recommendations for the special people in your life, as well as links to items and accessories for every avid reader. You can even visit the ChapterNook tent this summer at the Vicksburg Farmers Market, Fridays 2-6 pm EST. Please Note that as a book shop that trades in mostly used-books, there’s no telling what my inventory will look like from month to month. Sometimes I have multiple copies of a certain book, sometimes I won’t see it again for months. If you are looking for something in particular, please ask! I have a list of things I’m always keeping an eye out for. And dont fret! If ChapterNook cannot find it, I have affiliate links to sites and organizations that do and they support small businesses and local book stores just like me!

Thank You For Your Support & Assistance in Creating A Better World, One Book At A Time