Pass On Your Pages

Reasons to Donate

Make space for new collections!
Recycle old books rather than throwing them away.
Assist in the spread of community education when your donated
books are re-donated into Little Roadside Libraries
Support a local small business (us) when popular copies of
your donated books are purchased on our website
We read banned books! When you donate your copies of banned books to ChapterNook we make sure they are then put in the hands of readers who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to read them

How to Donate

You can su*****@ch*********.com">email me here or reach out through any social media platform to arrange a pickup or drop off of your tomes.

What to Donate

Chapter Nook accepts all titles. Books must be in good readable condition with no signs of mold, mildew or damage, aside from general use.

Lots of Books? We’ll pick them up!

Have a large collection to donate? No Problem! We’ll come to you and do all the heavy lifting.

Donation Book Photo