From the Bookseller to the Avid Reader, below are a few items I’ve found that make life a bit easier!

Book Cart on Wheels

This thing is truly the bees-knees. Mine is currently the home of my shipping station as I need it to be mobile, but I have plans for one in my bedroom to replace a bedside table. They are so versatile, and fit in most small spaces. Mine came with little clips to hang things along the sides as well! Its so perfect.

Black Book Ends

Decorative bookends are great and I would never say no to a new pair HOWEVER, you cannot go wrong with a slim, black bookend. It not only blends well with most covers but it matches every theme, in every room. They take up almost no space at all, allowing me to fit more books on a single shelf and they are also lightweight and portable for when I have to travel for vendor events.

Adjustable, Hands-Free Book Stand

I’ll admit I wanted a wooden book stand, simply because it was more attractive. Once I did my research though, I realized this one was far more adjustable and versatile. I love that it holds the book open for hands-free use and you can raise or lower it to just about any angle. If I had a complaint, it would be that it doesn’t hold a lot of weight. With that said, I’m not reading textbooks and my laptop weighs less than most books, so this detail does not bother me in the least.

Chordless Kindle Charging Base

This is an unnecessary guilty pleasure I bought into simply because it came as a package deal when I purchased my most recent kindle. Now that I have it, I adore it. Its one less charging cord i have to trip over or keep my cat from chewing. Now, while I keep my kindle charged for travel purposes, there was once where it almost died mid-use and so the one negative thing about this base is that you cannot read while its charging. In this instance I almost forgot I could use an actual cord but soon remembered and was able to keep going. Still cool to have tho.

Macrame Cat Hammock

This cat hammock was one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. I was having trouble keeping Cash off the desk while I worked (which wouldn’t be an issue if he wasn’t right on top of where I needed to be) So I bought this hammock hoping he would lay there instead of on top of my actual workspace. I was right. He loves this thing. I hung it against the wall right above my desk so hes still (technically) right on top of my work, but now I can actually do the things.
Bonus: It’s super cute!!