The Real Story Of Lucile Ball by Eleanor Harris


Originally written and published in 1954, The Real Story of Lucille Ball looks at the life of Lucille Ball at the height of her fame. Through numerous interviews with Lucy, Desi, friends, and colleagues a picture arises of the actress, mother, wife, and cultural icon that Lucy had become by that time.
Written in an honest and forthright voice, this book talks in frank terms about the difficult early years, the truth about her and Desi, and what was behind the cultural phenomenon that was I Love Lucy .
Lucy was a successful businesswoman, comedienne, and actress but above all of this she was a dedicated wife and mother. Her love for her husband and children, above all else, comes through with this early biography. Her early struggles as a radio and movie actress shaped the eventual self-made success she was to become in television. Here is the story of the early part of her career, her relationships, and her struggles and her triumphs.


White photographic paperback covers with white spine. Edge wear and corner bumps. Clean, tight pages and binding. Published by Farrar, Straus & Young with Ballantine Books in 1954. ORIGINALS. First Edition. Measures 7 x 4 with 119 pages. G – Entertainment


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