The Patriot Guard by Ameythist Moreland


Cale Pearson, better known by the cringe-worthy moniker, “Patriot Prime,” is a government-sanctioned super hero created to instill hope and patriotism in the citizens of New Edison…or at least that’s what everyone, Cale included, has been told by the Tribunal, the group heading the new super hero program, the Patriot Guard.

Being the protector of an entire city can wear a guy down over time, though, which is why it was decided that Patriot Prime needed a sidekick.

This is where Parker Linwood came in. After months of training and competing in the world’s first super hero reality television show, Parker earned the title “Stolid Sentry” and has now joined Cale on the Patriot Guard. She couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunity to serve her community, or the chance to repair her fragile relationship with her seemingly unavailable father, General Sampson Linwood…who just happens to be a member of the Tribunal.

Unfortunately, super hero life isn’t panning out quite like Parker thought it would. What seems like a normal bank robbery triggers a chain of events that sends both Parker’s and Cale’s lives spinning out of control. Soon, they find themselves caught up in a game of cat and mouse with a group of Variants, genetically mutated super- humans, led by none other than Konstantine Tesla, the great-great-grandson of Nikola Tesla. The encounters that ensue unearth a web of conspiracy, corruption, and deceit that make Cale and Parker realize just how badly their fractured city needs them.

The Patriot Guard is, at heart, a story of friendship, self-discovery, conspiracy, and really awful puns.

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The Patriot Guard by Amethyst Moreland! This book has dark blue illustrated paperback covers with blue spine, Edge wear & corner bumps. Its pages and binding are clean and tight. Published by author, Amethyst Moreland in 2014. Fiction. Measures 8×5 inches with 249 pages. Like New Condition.


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