The Greatest is Love


This book is a paraphrase of the New Testament. Its purpose is to say as exactly as possible what the writers of the Scriptures meant, and to say it simply, expanding where necessary for a clear understanding by the modern reader. The Bible writers often used idioms and patterns of thought that are hard for us to follow today. Frequently the thought sequence is fast-moving, leaving gaps for the reader to understand and fill in, or the thought jumps ahead or backs up to something said before… without clearly stating the antecedent reference. Sometimes the result for us, with our present-day stress on careful sentence construction and sequential logic, is that we are left far behind.

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Colorful photographic paperback covers with blue spine. Edge wear and corner bumps. Clean, tight pages and binding. Published by The World Home Bible League in 1971. Measures 8 x 5.5 with 397 pages. VG – Religion


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