Ensnared By Evil by Carol S Lacey


Confronted by family heritage and new thoughts can a young woman find truth and destiny? Instilled from childhood by her grandmother’s unrelenting dedication to the god, Apollo, at thirteen Daphne is at last eligible to join her family’s ancient tradition and become a member of their deity’s most esteemed temple there in Delphi, Greece. The spring festival of fifty A.D. is almost upon them, but can she quiet the ominous reprovals that niggle her conscious to accept and carry on the matriarch’s legacy? Plagued with doubts about the revered god, Daphne struggles against family loyalty and cultural practices. Does Zeus exist? Is his son, Apollo, touted by everyone as Delphi’s reigning god, truly a benevolent provider and protector? Why then is he often cruel? To please her father, will she cave to the pressure and bury her qualms? Could the acceptable practice of bogus shams performed in the temple’s forbidden adytum confirm her suspicions, or would the crypt’s rituals and ancient artifacts validate her grandmother’s lore? Follow Daphne’s quest for truth from pampered daughter to an arduous destiny only God could envision.

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Colorful illustrated paperback covers with like spine. No edge wear or corner bumps. Clean, tight pages and binding. First Edition. Published by Adriel Publishing in 2022. Measures 8.5 x 5.5 inches with 464 pages. Fiction. LN


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