Axis of Evil World Tour: An American’s Travels in Iran, Iraq, and North Korea by Scott Fisher


Axis of Evil World Tour goes beyond the superficial coverage found in much of the media to bring a boots-on-the-ground look at three of the most enigmatic, difficult-to-enter countries on the planet-Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. North Korea: Visit the tense yet quiet DMZ that divides North from South, one of the eeriest places on earth. Spend time touring Pyongyang, the showcase capital that houses the regime and its elites. Travel halfway across the country to the beautiful “Heavenly Fragrance” mountain for a visit to the surreal, cult-like “museums” housing gifts to the country’s leaders, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

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White and green paperback covers with like spine. Brand New, no markings. Published by iUniverse in 2006. Travel. Measures 9 x 6 inches with 239 pages. New


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