Join me this week (and all year long!) in spreading the gift of reading!

Read Across America Boy

What is Reading Across America? Simply put, its the worlds largest celebration of reading! Launched in 1998 by the National Education Association, the program is designed to motivate young readers across America to start reading and read more often. Its meant as a cultural exploration, a chance to see themselves within stories and simultaneously see from different points of view, and others perspectives.

How can we get involved?

Read Across America Father and Daughter

Ways to celebrate safely!

  1. Wear a Silly Hat! We cannot be together face-to-face right now but you and your young reader can find other ways to show your cultural diversity by wearing a silly hat and posting it with the hashtag #tiarashatparade
  2. Virtual read along Face-Time your pals and have a virtual popcorn read!
  3. Reading Drive-In Guardians can park their vehicles in a circle for a social-distanced picnic! Bring your favorite books, drop the tailgate and discuss or read aloud together!
  4. Story Walk Take a walk with family members and create your own story as you go along based off things that you see!
  5. Reading Obstacle Course Create an indoor or backyard book-themed obstacle course to get your brain, and body, moving!
  6. Treasure Hunt Create a treasure hunt based off your favorite, or current book! Hide items relating to the story and create clues for your little readers to help find the objects!
  7. Visit Little Roadside Libraries Most neighborhoods have Roadside Libraries or Book Boxes that work on a “Take a Book, Leave a Book” honor system. Its a great way to expand your read list as well as get involved in your community from a great distance! Check out the ones I’ve found so far in Kalamazoo/Portage.
  8. Donate More Books You can also donate gently used books to your local shelters and schools!
  9. Read to Your Pets Pets love to hear you talk to them so grab a furry pal, cuddle up and read aloud to them.
  10. Write Your Own Story Have an idea or experience that would make a great story? Write it down! There are many websites like Commaful and Wattpad where you can share stories with online community members. Some even allow you to add and edit other peoples stories with their permission!

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Read Across America Mom and Daughter