Clean with Ease!

Making sure your books are sterile is incredibly easy and costs very little. You likely have all or most of the items in your home already! All you need is a spray bottle, 70% Isopropyl alcohol and cold water. Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with 2 parts cold water, add to your spray bottle, VOILA!

But be careful …

DO NOT ADD ESSENTIAL OILS. It is typical for most people to add oils to this mixture when creating household cleaners, however, you DO NOT want to do this when cleaning the covers of your books. It leaves behind a filmy residue and is likely to damage them!

As always, test the solution on a small portion of your covers before wiping the entire thing, especially with vintage books. Spray the cloth, never the book. Gently wipe down the entire book and let air dry. All done!

Did You Know?

Chapter Nook works hard to keep our customers safe! We clean and sterilize all items prior to shipping them to you. Products are handled and packaged with a fresh pair of gloves so you can purchase with confidence knowing your safety is our top priority!

For best results use a microfiber cloth, GooGone, cotton rounds & plastic spatula to help remove stubborn stickers and grime.