Grab one (or more!) of these many great stories to read this Labor Day Weekend

The Radium Girls cover

Radium Girls
by Kate Moore

In Dubious Battle cover

In Dubious Battle
by John Steinbeck

Fight Like Hell cover

Fight Like Hell
by Kim Kelly

The Jungle cover

The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair

The Harbor cover

The Harbor
by Ernest Poole

Detroit, I Do Mind Dying cover

Detroit, I Do Mind Dying
by Dan Georgakas & Marvin Surkin

Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop cover

Memphis, Martin & the Mountaintop
by Alice Faye Duncan

On Our Way To Oyster Bay cover

On Our Way To Oyster Bay
by Monica Kulling

Brave Girl cover

Brave Girl
by Michelle Markel

Three Strikes cover

Three Strikes
by Howard Zinn

The Labor Wars cover

The Labor Wars
by Sidney Lens

From the Jaws of Victory cover

From The Jaws of Victory
by Matthew Garcia