Wildwood Whispers
by Willa Reece

Audiobook via Local Library

4 Star Review by Asia
Mel spends her whole life in foster care then meets her best friend at 10 years old. Sara, who is newly fostered due to the untimely death of her mother, becomes a sister to Mel and together they start to build a life together. Just 10 short years later Sara dies suddenly in a seemingly random car accident that threatens to tear Mels world apart. In order to fulfull her last promise to her sister, Mel takes Saras ashes back to Morgans Gap, the hometown where Sara grew up with her mother Melody before she was murdered in the cabin on the mountain where they lived together in harmony with the forest. Mel meets Jacob, Granny, and the other wise women of the mountain who, paired with memories of Saras that Mel receives through dreams, quickly open her eyes and heart to the wildwood and all it has to say. As Mel starts to unfold a new future, the past also becomes more and more clear. But there’s something off about the Sect on the other side of the mountain, run by the evil Reverend Moon and she can’t help but wonder if he’s involved in the awful events that took place here on the mountain. She realizes there’s more to Wildwood than whispers and would give her life to protect it, for all who came before her, and all who would follow. Can Mel save the wildwood? Or will the wildwood save her…
Thoughts: As a follower of the wise arts myself I felt connected with this story and sense of community and strength it represented. Paired with the element of a murder mystery made for an excellent read. If I had to choose a Con it would be that the end felt rushed after the climax. It was a nice smooth read and then boom, over. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and am looking forward to having a printed copy among my personal collection.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and murder mystery within a modern day setting. I give this a ⅘ star rating, based on the Goodreads star rating scale. I consumed this content through audiobook from my local library and was not sponsored and promoted in any way.

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