Book Review for ‘The Whispering’ by Veronica Lando

The Whispering
Written By: Veronica Lando
Media: AudioBook by Netgalley
Narrator: David Tredinnick
Genre: Mystery, Fiction
Published: July 6, 2022 via Goodreads Book Details // March 31, 2023 via NetGalley Book Details
Publisher: Bolinda Audio
Rating: 4 Stars

The whispering wild will take your child if you dare to look away … Callum Haffendon knows the alluring call of the Australian rainforest and has spent thirty years running from it. His hometown of Granite Creek holds a past he’s tried hard to forget, some of which he has. After a tragic rainforest accident that took his leg as a teen, Callum left town and vowed never to return. But when a man goes missing in the rainforest, Callum goes back to help find him. When the body of the missing man is found in the same area where two girls also went missing years before, things and events do not add up and Callum sticks around to find out why. Callum, however, is hiding his own secrets and the more he learns about his old stomping grounds, the past, and what he’s been running from, the more he finds that things aren’t at all what they seem.

I was able to enjoy this book through audiobook form and was intrigued from the very first note. The intro music is ominous, enticing, and had me immediately hooked. It did not take long to dive into the meat of the story and you were needing to pay attention right away, lest you miss a key plot point. I love a story that keeps me guessing and iterating throughout and this one definitely did. There are two storylines to follow that complement each other and keep you from putting it down or pressing pause. I really enjoyed the character development as well as how the ending brought everyone full circle. I love how it left things open for the possibility of another story but also could stay as just an ending right there. One thing I didn’t enjoy was the narrator. His reading of the story itself was enjoyable but the female voices he did were all very similar to each other making it sometimes hard to distinguish between characters. He also made them all sound like crotchety old bitties with high pitched, squeaky voices.

Overall this is a great story and an unputdownable read. I would recommend this for those who enjoy a crime fiction novel that immediately pulls you in. The cover art is also fantastic and the author well deserving of the 2021 Banjo Award for this title.

>!<An enormous thank you to Veronica Lando, Bolinda Audio and for allowing me the opportunity to consume this audiobook in exchange for my honest review>!<