The One Who Fell

The One Who Fell

Written By: Kerry Wilkinson
Media: AudioBook by Netgalley
Narrator: Helen Keeley
Genre: Mystery, Fiction
Published: April 17, 2023
Publisher: Bookouture Audio
Rating: 4 Stars

Whitecliff Bay is a small town where everyone knows your name. Especially Millie Westlake, who is believed to have killed her parents making her feel much like an outcast. Because of this, Millie understands completely how it feels to not be believed. So when Ingrid (one of the residents at the nursing home Millie volunteers at) says she sees a girl jump off the roof of a large house nearby, Millie is the only one to believe her. She starts to investigate the claim and soon uncovers more questions than answers. Millie needs help and the only person that will listen is Guy, the reporter who made the public think she did indeed kill her parents, by pointedly stating that she did not. Despite wanting to stay angry with him, she slowly starts to trust him and opens up about her amateur investigation. Together they unravel the mystery of ‘The One Who Fell’

This one started out a little slow and was at first hard to get into but once I did, I enjoyed it. I like Millie’s determination to find out if what Ingrid saw was real. Part of me wonders why one would so willingly forgive a man who caused her so much pain but also sort of glad she did as the character development between Millie & Guy was nice. I have quite a lot of unanswered questions about her parents as well as her ex and his fiance. Perhaps those are being saved for later books, so no spoilers. Overall I enjoyed Kerry Wilikinson as a fiction/mystery writer and look forward to their future books.

I’ve seen a few readers classify this as a psychological thriller, and while I see why they might think so, this is just not that. (read Alice Feeney for a wonderful mind-fuckery of a thriller, pure gold) This however is a light mystery that keeps you captivated and leaves you wondering what’s next for Millie. One thing I will say, I’m still not clear on whether or not she killed her parents …

<!> An enormous Thank You to NetGalley, Bookouture Audio, and Kerry Wilkinson for allowing me the opportunity to read this title in exchange for my honest review. <!>

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