The Lost Apothecary Image

The Lost Apothecary
by Sarah Penner

Hardcover via Local Library

3 Star Review by Asia
Nella, A woman in the late 1700s, owns an apothecary, where she helps women with various ailments by providing tinctures, salves and powders. But since taking over her mothers legacy, Nella has added a service to the apothecary that until recently did not exist… She now assists in helping these women to rid themselves of the unwanted attentions of men. Known only through word of mouth, she helps only women and vows to never harm them. Until one day a woman comes to her with a request that seems typical but sets Nellas’ nerves on edge and she soon discovers why. Present day Caroline arrives in London alone on what should have been an anniversary getaway, until two days ago when she discovered her husband of 10 years has been cheating on her with a co-worker. In an attempt at distraction, she goes mud-larking in the low tide of the Thames and discovers a 200 year old vial that sets her on a journey of self discovery, healing and an amazing historical adventure.
This is a story of strength among women, across time and history, laced with love and magic. I enjoyed seeing the apothecary helping her fellow woman in the only way she could, despite and because of living in a world dominated and governed by men. It is empowering seeing Caroline not only realize her truth but take hold of it and chase her dreams, despite the overwhelming emotional turmoil and modern day oppression she is experiencing. With that said, I did expect a bit “more” to the story. Like many others, I was hyped by all the promotion of this book and the promise of a female serial killer working on behalf of wronged women. While I did like the book, I also found it to be a bit ‘less’ than I expected. Overall an enjoyable read and would recommend to those who enjoy historical fiction, fantasy and a strong female character.

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