The Antiquity Affair

The Antiquity Affair

Written By:
Lee Kelly & Jennifer Thorne
Media: KindleBook by Netgalley
Genre: Historical Fiction
Published: June 6th, 2023
Publisher: Harper Muse
Rating: 4 Stars

‘The Antiquity Affair’ begins in 1900s New York, with Lila and Tess Ford, at Lilas debutante ball. Lila and Tess were once very close, attending their fathers lectures, creating a new language for just the two of them and weaving vast adventurous tales of the future Fearless Fords. But when their mother passes and their father, Warren Ford, consumes himself with his work as an Egyptologist, the two become distant following separate paths. As the ball is set to begin, the girls’ world turns upside down as their father suddenly appears to whisk them away without warning. Unfortunately he only encounters Lila as simultaneously, Tess is being led away by Lilas intended, William, who thinks she’s Lila. Lila quickly learns that her father was hired by a group called the Fraternitas (lead by Mr Hendricks, Williams father) to find and excavate an ancient artifact called the Serpents Crown that would grant the wearer all consuming power over the people. When he fails to find the artifact, the Fraternitas attempt to kidnap Lila, who can decode almost any puzzle, to help them find it. Unfortunately, they’ve nabbed the wrong daughter. Lila and her father, along with his handsome assistant Alex, must now rescue Tess while also attempting to decode the clues that lead to the resting place of the serpent’s crown in order to get to it before the Fraternitas. What ensues is a journey more thrilling, and dangerous, than the stories & adventures the girls once wished for as children.

This book was so exciting! In my youth I was very much into the history of Egypt and this story brought back all those feelings of wonder and amazement. I loved the Indiana Jones vibe but with women main characters as well as the details about Lila and Tess’s separate abilities and how they were able to overcome their differences and work together. The romance twists were also well done, even if a little predictable. I will say it was hard to keep track of how much time had passed at first as they don’t really mention it much. What you think is just a few hours time that has passed, ends up being a few days or even weeks when they do finally touch on the subject. Other than that, I believe the story is a great read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, action, adventure and a wee bit of romance. I rate this one 4 stars, Lee and Jennifer did an amazing job. I look forward to future adventures with the Fearless Fords!

<!> An enormous Thank You to NetGalley, Harper Muse, Lee Kelly & Jennifer Thorne for allowing me the opportunity to read this title in exchange for my honest review. <!>

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