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Grow Your Own Medicine by Ava Green
& Kate Bensinger
Ebook via Netgalley

5 Star Review by Asia   
As a beginning herbalist myself, I started this title with quite a lot of questions. I didn’t anticipate that each and every one of them would be answered. They weren’t just answered, the authors also gave historical references and real life experiences to back up their claims and advice, and did it in a way that made the information more relatable and easier to digest. At the beginning of the book they mention acting as a guide through the journey and immediately fulfill that promise. I felt as if I were sitting there with them, learning first hand what and what not to do. This isn’t just gardening for them, Ava & Kate highlight the importance of the connection between gardening, mental health aspects, giving to others, self sustainability and much more. They even provide a QR code in the middle of the book that provides access to even more plants and information that didn’t make it into the book (to help with cost and sustainability) as well as offer alternative methods and products that you can easily do yourself, opposed to opting for store bought.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to start an herb garden, no matter how small or large and regardless of your starting knowledge base. All the information is there for you in one convenient little book, from the very beginning seed, all the way to harvest (and even what to do after!) I give this title a 5 star review based on the information it provided and the needs it met for me. I cannot wait to get a physical copy to reference at my leisure and times of need. I enjoyed this copy via Ebook from NetGalley reads. I am not sponsored or promoted in any way.

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