Dream Stalker pic

Dream Stalker

Written By: Nancy Gardner
Narrator: Karen Krause
Media: Audiobook
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Published: June 23, 2021
Publisher: Bowker, BooksGoSocial.com
Rating: 3 Stars

Dream Stalker by Nancy Gardner follows main character Lily Scott through her hometown in Salem, Massachusetts as she tries to solve a murder that her daughter is being charged with. Lily believes her daughter is innocent and will stop at nothing to prove the truth, including Dream Walking. Lily is a contemporary witch who descends from a long line of witches born with the power to walk into other people’s dreams to reveal truth and find justice for those wronged. Lily’s grandmother warns her of the dangers this power comes with when not performed correctly. Unfortunately Lily’s first attempt results in a near death experience that leads to her father cutting her off from her grandmother and all the knowledge she provides. When her grandmother dies suddenly, without passing on the information Lily requires, Lily then vows to never Dream Walk again. She must now break that vow to save her daughter, and herself.

I have mixed feelings about this one. It was a well written story but I would have liked to hear more “dream walking”, more encounters with the dangers of dream walking and maybe a little insight into who the dream stalker is.. Considering the book was named after this creature that we never truly get to know anything about. With that said, I enjoyed the story of Lily and what she went through to save her family. I enjoyed the reconnection with her sister and the friendships made and expanded upon. The narrator was a little hard to listen to at first but definitely got better throughout the book. It was very confusing at first because she kept melding her accents and it became difficult to follow until she finally found her groove about midway. It felt like a melting pot of different accents when there was not a character with dialogue. By this I mean, sometimes it was a Boston accent, sometimes British, occasionally an irish brogue, then sometimes back to full on american. I’m all for separate voices for characters and narration but this was not that, not at first.

All in all I liked the story, so I gave this one a 3 star rating. Great for anyone looking for a light mystery with no spice and a decent storyline. <!> An enormous Thank You to NetGalley, Nancy Gardner, and Bowker Books for allowing me the opportunity to read this title in exchange for my honest review. <!>

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