I have spent the last year dedicating my time to ramping up my reading so I can provide you with book reviews, recommendations, entertainment, education and all around self improvement purposes.
Simultaneously, I’ve also had a chance to test out some products and accessories that I cannot wait to share with you! Below are 4 of my favorite reading accessories, all of which I use every single day.

Lil’ Ear Pods

I audiobooked too hard and needed a new pair of headphones so I went looking for something comparable to air pods but with a smaller budget, and was not disappointed! I have owned & used these consistently, every day for 3 weeks, and have not one complaint. The charge lasts for days, uses USBC, play for hours past the stated time (4 hours), have a button on both buds for easy pausing and they connect automatically, every time, after the first sync to Bluetooth. They are compact and the ear-fit is comfortable and snug.
The best part, the are incredibly affordable!

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle is a very important part of my arsenal due to its compatibility with the apps, websites and publishing companies I am involved with. I also enter all the Goodreads giveaways I can find and weirdly enough, I win quite a lot! It quickly became necessary for me to upgrade my eReader status. Now, I will say I do have the Nook app as well, and use it at least once a month. However, when weighing my needs, budget, & compatibility options, the Kindle won out. I also do a lot of outdoor reading, plus a bit of light traveling, and the paper-white is perfect for those activities.

Kindle Paperwhite

Book Light

Share your bed space with a partner that wants the lights off? Have a night-job you can read at but don’t have an e-Reader? Need to get some late-night studying but your dorm-mate needs to be up at 5am? This beauty is perfect for after dark or low-light reading! You can turn on one or both sides and each side has not only 3 levels of light but also 3 types; white, blue and gold. It takes a USBC universal charger and lasts approximately 10 hours before needing to be charged. This neck light is affordable, stylish and versatile! I love it so much.

Reading Pillow

Let me start by saying this is NOT the pillow I have, but the next best thing I could find. Sadly, the one I purchase at the beginning of 2022 (the adjustable one with a blanket that rolled into a neck pillow, 3 book slots and 2 cupholders) is no longer available. *cries* I also could not find any other reading pillow with a cupholder! So weird. With that said, this one seems to have great reviews, back support, book slots and still comes with a neck pillow. The important thing is that it provides excellent back support during extended periods of reading. This one seems to meet those requirements!

Book Pillow

I could go on forever about the things I think you’ll want and need but for now, enjoy my favorites and stay tuned for my LEAST enjoyed reading accessories … and why!